Play is not trivial or trite.
Play is how we discover our limitations
and how to overcome them.
In order to win this game
you don’t need
a toned body
or a degree in Sanskrit.
What you need is

What you need is

Come Play

Yoga Teacher

Banyan Gallagher

Banyan Gallagher wants to live in a world where people laugh more. As a yoga teacher, he synthesizes a lifetime of studies in competitive athletics, philosophy, circus performance, dance, theater, and yoga, into moments of depth and joy.


Cultivating Abhyasa

An online group dedicated to yoga’s subtler realms.


Practice with Banyan



Travel with Banyan to some of the most beautiful and exotic places around the world for a week of self-exploration and joy. Alternately, find Banyan nearby for a shorter workshop to shine new inspiration into your practice.

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Teacher Trainings

Whether you want to develop the skills to share your passion or simply take your practice and self-love to the next level, a yoga Teacher Training is intensely awesome. Or awesome-ly intense.

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Online Study

Your yoga practice doesn’t end when you roll up your mat. Connect weekly with Banyan live or via recording and develop your awareness of tantra, meditation, philosophy, and pranayama. Banyan’s on the road for much of the year, but this is one class he never misses.

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Wisdom from Banyan's Teachers