The Art of Skillful Practice

100-hour Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Also known as the Power of Play, this module is designed to shift the focus away from the skills of teaching and return our focus towards that which is most important: our own practice. While not every practitioner is a teacher, every teacher must be first and foremost a practitioner and student. The Art of Skillful Practice is inherently a journey inward, in which we examine ourselves: our strengths, weaknesses, biases and overall awesomeness.

Topics to expect

– Enlightened Action and the Bhagavad Gita
– Selflessness and Devotion
– Tridosha – Creating a practice and daily ritual appropriate for you
– Mauna Yoga – the Power of Silence
(This training includes a two-day silent retreat)
– Advaita Vedanta, non-dualism and Ramana Maharishi
– Employing the Chakra System
– The Energetics of Prana – Life-Force Energy
– The Art and Joy of Contemplation
– Unraveling the Mystery of Anatomy and Form


“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.”
– Yogi Bhajan


A great challenge for making a self-practice effective is simply making it regular; ensuring that the ritual of self-care and self-love is as natural as taking a meal. Therefore this training will address the largest obstacles to regularity, and how we can make our practice not just beneficial, but also creative enough to keep us entertained.

Banyan’s background in circus and performance come through in all trainings, but especially this one. Expect a hearty dose of laughter, improvisational exercises, and AcroYoga to bring a splash of joy, pleasure, and unexpected depth into your self-practice.


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My experience with Banyan has been nothing short of life-changing. He’s inspired me more than words could ever express, but I’m going to try! So, having gained an extensive movement background and becoming a trainer myself, I have to say that my standards for an instructor are quite lofty. That said, to this day, I’ve yet to meet a yoga instructor of Banyan’s caliber.

Banyan is not just another yoga teacher. His deep yet playful approach is a huge differentiator. It’s one thing to be a knowledgeable instructor, but Banyan is so much more. His humble, eloquent, and playful personality really makes classes feel light and full of joy. He’s able to strike this perfect balance of wisdom and play that makes even the most challenging lessons…well, fun! That’s the key…when you feel like you’re deepening your connection with yourself, while advancing your own ability to teach yoga in an inspiringly joyful way.

My life can be fast-paced, and I face difficult times like anyone else. With his teachings, I’ve learned to focus my mind, and Banyan has really proven to me that just as things are the hardest is when everything begins to fall into place. So, perseverance has been a huge lesson, and learning to cultivate that inner strength through our practice has been vital and poignant. He stresses consistency in practice, and it’s truly not hard for me to achieve that with him as my teacher.

His energy and enthusiasm constantly brings you higher, and makes you realize everything is possible with consistency, dedication and focus. Everything is worthwhile when it is punctuated with laughter, humility, kindness, and an open heart. Those qualities make him a wonderful teacher.

Apart from the fact that Banyan makes yoga fun and challenging, his insight into the body is profound. Though his knowledge may have developed over years of studying anatomy, dissection, and various movement forms, one feels that he is guided by an instinctive wisdom more powerful than the knowledge gleaned from those experiences alone.

Even with a deep wealth of knowledge, Banyan remains humble and teaches in such a way that I always feel safe and supported, both physically and emotionally. I have learned so much and felt so cared for. I’m 100% compelled to recommend this course to anyone who is trying to improve themselves (mind, body, soul), their practice, and their teaching skills!