The Art of Enlightened Teaching

Advanced Training in India

March 4 – 18, 2017

Samata Goa

At the center of every altar lies a flame. No matter whether you’re in a church, mosque, or temple, the candle stands, wavering but patient, illuminating the space around it with its warmth of prayer.

Why is it that some yoga classes fill us with inspiration, and others are “just ok”? Why do we leave certain classes feeling exhausted, and others exhilarated? How can we maximize our impact on our students in the small amount of time we are together?

In this training we will focus on that which enlightens us and those around us: the flame. It’s known by many names: agni, kundalini, Shakti. Living fire is what enlightens us and wakes us up. The basics here are simple: if we understand how the fire works, we hope to use it to illuminate our own lives and the lives of others: our students, our partners, and our family members.

While most students will use this course to enhance their skills in yoga teaching, being a teacher is by no means a pre-requisite for this course. Skills in leadership and communication will benefit each student, no matter the vocation. Non-teaching, devoted students will also carry away a bounty from this training, as we come to mastery of the material through learning to teach it well.

Accomodation and catering

– 14 nights/15 days-eco-luxury accommodations (Check in March 4th- check out March 18th, 2017)
– Two nutritious, local, organic-when-possible vegetarian meals per day (brunch and dinner)
– Tea, coffee and fruit
– Access to Samata Clinic and Spa for bodywork and Ayurvedic treatments



Ready to take your practice to the next level?
Or develop your teaching skills to more effectively
communicate your passion?

In this two-week, advanced training with celebrated teacher of life Banyan Gallagher, we’ll dive deeper into all things Yoga:

– Enhance your understanding of healthy alignment, for maximum benefit for all levels of student
– Learn to “read bodies” to use a combination of anatomy and consciousness to peer into the inner workings of the individual yogi’s form and unravel your understanding layer by layer
– Manipulate the breath for maximum effect in your specific aim
– Develop steadiness in meditation
– Master the building blocks of Tantra (nadi, chakra, bandha, mudra, etc.) to accelerate your evolution
– Cultivate joy, pleasure and play in practice, through exercises in acceptance, clown, dance, and AcroYoga

More Topics To Expect

– Employing the Guna – Inertia, Passion, and Harmony
– Desires of the Soul
– Kosha > Peeling the Onion of the Individual to Reach Every Layer
– Vital Essences > Maximize for Longevity and Balance
– Creating the Perfect Playlist for Practice or Teaching
– Business Skills Every Teacher Needs
– Developing and Executing a Theme
– Sharing the Art of Meditation
– Adjustments > Dynamics and Details
– Unraveling the mystery of anatomy and form
– Science of diagnosing and designing practices to meet individual needs
– Addressing the physical, emotional, and psychic limitations of your students
– Overcoming your obstacles to clear perception
– Seeing each student in their own perfection

A central theme of Enlightened Teaching is observation: recognizing the unique aspects of the being in front of you. This course endeavors to embody Krishnamacharya’s message: bring yoga to the student, rather than pushing the student towards yoga. We will resist the urge to oversimplify and practice a one-size-fits-all form, and instead see every moment we practice or teach as an opportunity to listen more closely to others and ourselves.

In order to ensure we can direct our focus clearly (dharana), this training is only open to students who have completed a 200-hour, Yoga Alliance-certified Teacher Training course, or who can demonstrate similar experience. By beginning with a smaller, more experienced group, we will move faster and further towards advanced asanas, pranayamas, and philosophies. Warrior 1’s 300-hour program, which leads to YA RYT500 status, is broken into two segments (“The Art of Skillful Practice” and “The Art of Enlightened Teaching”). Please contact us with questions or read more here about Teacher Trainings with Banyan.

Daily schedule will be busy! We will take only one day of rest during this event. There will be free time, each day, and during days off, for exploring the local beaches and Indian culture, but this event will be an intensive focused more on our internal, personal work. Please budget extra time if you want a relaxing vacation. Inquire here about arriving a day or two early, or departing a day or two later.

Sample Schedule

06:00 – 08:00 am: Asana and meditation
08:00 – 11:00 am: Breakfast Break
11:00 – 01:00 pm: Alignment, practice teaching, and adjustments
01:00 – 04:00 pm: Lunch Break
04:00 – 07:00 pm: Philosophy, breathwork, chanting, inversions, play
07:00 pm: Dinner

What is the cost?

US$2999 per person based on triple occupancy.

US$3199 per person based on double occupancy.

US$3499 per person based on single occupancy.

Invite a yogi to this training and save $100! Inviting a yogi is a way for your friends to share your love of learning from Banyan, or experience it for the first time. Invite a new yogi, or an old friend, and both receive this $100 gift.

In order to facilitate a more profound experience, group size is limited. Please sign up early! $1,000, non-refundable deposit required to hold space. For more information contact us here or pay your $1,000 deposit directly via PayPal.

Help! I’ve never been to India/Asia before!

Travel to the homeland of yoga can be an adventure, but fear not! Goa is known as “India Lite” and is full of high quality accommodation, delicious, hygienic food, and artists from all over the world. Goa’s International Airport is just a taxi ride away, and our team will make you feel welcome and safe from the very beginning. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We do hope you come early and/or stay late to maximize the potency of your pilgrimage. It would take a lifetime to explore everything that India has to offer, so put aside whatever time you have available and go explore, perhaps with other members of the training.

About Samata Holistic Retreat Center

Samata Goa is a Holistic Yoga Retreat Center located in the peaceful village setting behind Arambol Beach, North Goa. Specializing in yoga retreats, yoga holidays, and teacher training, we also have the strongest holistic clinic presence in all of Goa. We offer Chinese doctors, acupuncture, Tibetan medicine, Ayurveda, Vedic astrology, and a wide range of bodywork and massage. Our organic garden grows all the food you will eat at Samata for your Yoga in Goa experience, and our chefs will keep your mouth watering – you’ll wish you didn’t have to leave.

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